New Daily Driver-BMW F30 328i

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Above is my new daily driver, a 328i F30. I bought it from CarMax with cash for my 70 mile a day commute. My goal was to get a cheapish car for my commute in order to save for a third sports car.


I’ve now owned an E46, E90, and F30. So far the E90 remains my favorite 3 Series. The F30 is really big. Like, E39 5 Series Big. It’s still nice, but if I could have found another E90 335i M-Sport with low miles and a warranty, I would have bought it.

I may make some modest modifications like adding a Dinan strut bar, intercooler, and exhaust. But, not much. I’ve watched YouTube videos about F30 mods and I can’t believe how much money some have spent on this particular car.


I’ll keep you posted on this car and my sports car shopping.

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