I'm graduating in a week, and therefore definitely buying a new DD soon. Budget: around 15k. There are so many choices, but I need to be *somewhat* responsible here! The less money I spend on DD maintenance/gas, the more auto budget i'll have to put towards weekend project cars! FYI - I do my own basic maintenance/more


The No Way!! Section:


- inline 4 cylinder motors

- convertibles

- anything without driver & passenger airbags

- nothing automatic, unless it has a v8. Yes I know, I'm a little nuts. But hey gas is under $3 here in 'murica!

- fuel mileage must be equal or better than my previous DD, which got 10-20 mpg depending on how much fun you were having (635csi)

Anything else is fair game! Have at it!! What would you DD for around 15k?