New delivery!

Although some parts (mainly body) are getting harder to find for my '73 2002, it's amazing how my BMW dealer still is able to deliver many engine and transmission parts.

As the engine was out I decided to overhaul it. As a tii has other pistons than a normal 2002 it was going to be disassembled anyway. So there you go: some oversize pistons.


And yes, they're from Mahle:

Other part I was amazed was still newly obtainable was the front wiring-harness.


The one in the donor-car was completely crap: seem to have been messed with a lot by previous owners looking at all the tape and clearly some rat or other rodent had some fun with it.

There is also a wiring-harness for the back of the car. That one wasn't that bad but I'll have to look into that some more as this one is not available anymore.


Still waiting for other parts from BMW for my 5-speed transmission. And my Kügelfischer pump is going to Germany next week to be overhauled by an ex-Bosch engineer who has all the right tools taken from the factory when he retired. The end of this project is getting further and further away...

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