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New Doggo


A Basenji-based mutt named Frida from the SPCA that we picked up yesterday. A Samaritan found Frida chained to a fence in Oakland and took her to the SPCA. You may recall that we had to put our dog Molly down some weeks back and we’ve all had an ache. I confess, I’m falling for this one.

Frida has zero clue that anything issuing forth from our mouths has anything to do with her. As well, the existing dog Binx, the little Schnauzer-based terrier, is being real snarky. I’m sure all of this is fixable with some group therapy. We’re meeting with a personal (dog) trainer tomorrow afternoon.

Frida is very submissive and affectionate. She is also very curious, and I suspect that once we learn how to get her up to speed as a domesticated animal, she will show herself to be very intelligent. For a dog. She also wants to PLAY, but really has no idea how to. Her favorite toy so far is an empty milk crate in the yard. She’s bug-eyed, looks like a Hyena, and has a racoon’s tail; PERFECT!

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