New DS SUV Breaks Cover, Underwhelms.

Remember Citroën's wonderful DS Wild Rubis concept from last year's Shanghai Auto Show ? Well, it's going to go into production (in China only, for now) as the DS 6WR, and this the first proper picture of it.


I have to admit it's the first time Citroën has disappointed me on the "bring a concept car to market" front. It looks good enough, yes, but next to the concept it's a little underwhelming. The Wild Rubis looked most interesting from the side, though, so here's hoping this production version has retained some of that.

EDIT : well, apparently not. Damn thing looks like a CX-5.

As far as technical specs are concerned, the car is a strict front-driver with PSA's Grip Control "pretend-you-have-4WD" gizmos, and will be offered with a choice of 1.6 litres 4-cylinders petrol THP engines with either 160 or 200bhp. The only transmission choice is a 6-speed automatic, it appears.

In any case, what this means is that we live in a world where the venerable Citroën DS name has been applied to an SUV. Oh well. Let's hope it sells like hot cakes, at least.


Source : Citroën.

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