So for tonight we have 2 NEW episodes, both are great, please give them a listen.

-Biggest Movies I've Never Seen -Cars on the Street in Certain Movies -How Did We Start Talking About the Twilight Movies? -Bad Product (car) Placement -Good Car Movies with Good Villain Cars -Superchargers, Cowl Hoods and Hood Mods

-Our friends/sponsors Brett and Noah, over at LA Reels Film Making, were on the show to talk about their new Feature Film SCRAMBLE. They shared some great insights on how SCRAMBLE is getting off the ground. The Untitled Car Show has been helping fund the film. If any of our listeners are interested in watching the trailer, reaching out to these guys or helping out through any small donation...check them out at or on facebook at Be apart of the action and show some support! We Have! -Our friend and fellow podcaster Joel Helmes from Sydney, Australia was on the show and discussed a plethora of car topics with us. It was a pleasure having him on the show. He was an insanely knowledgeable guy and we strongly encourage you to check him out at