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New Exhaust

You may recall yesterday I posted about receiving a new Racing Beat exhaust system for the RX7 in the mail. Working with a friend yesterday late into the evening and wrapping up after work today, the install is complete. It’s very good.


For reference, the old (factory) exhaust was pretty tired, the muffer was rusting (the tips were missing), and the cats were certainly clogging.


Between yesterday and today, after about 8 hours (over half of which was removal of the old system, which came of incredibly easily in my opinion, being that almost all of the fasteners could be removed with hand tools and I’m used to working on this-should-be-scrap level rusty things).

Shiny! Also that bumper desperately needs painted.

Much better. Went for a drive afterwards - there is definitely more power across the board, but especially significant top-end torque gains. There’s also now a touch of brap, which is pleasing. The best part is that this isn’t much louder than the (failing) factory system, which is good since I intend to drive this car a lot.


Haven’t had a chance to make a video, sorry. Very busy weekend/week coming up, so probably won’t for a while either.

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