New Exhaust on the BRZ!

With some extra hands courtesy of some friends, I was able to install my Invidia R400 very easily on Friday.

It sounds awesome. Plenty of volume but not too loud (quiets down nicely when cruising on the highway, no drone whatsoever), and has a nice, deep-tone to it which is the furthest thing away from ricey fartcan for me.


Definetly louder than the Q300 from the same company, but not obnoxiously ricey, loud and farty like their N1 exhaust that you see on every Toyobaru.

The catback itself looks very well constructed, and although I was worried about possible clearance issues with the rear mufflers (considering how they’re positioned), it seems perfectly fine and I shouldn’t run into any issues.

Only issue which seems to be prevalent with all 86/BRZ owners is some difficulty lining up the tips correctly. For me, after some adjustment, the passenger side still sits ever so slightly closer to the diffuser and inboard compared to the drivers side. I may get a pair of extended hangers which should remedy the issue, but for now, it’s fine.


I’ll get my DSLR, Shure mic and Tripod out next and record some sound clips for everyone!

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