I dunno what Mazda was thinking with the NB Miata. The NA, NC, and ND all have great exhaust notes that make you very aware you’re driving a sports car. The NB sounds like a Prius. I fixed that with a Flowmaster 60 series Delta Flow muffler (after everyone told me Flowmasters were garbage) bought on Amazon and welded in place of the stock muffler by my local muffler shop because HELL NAW I’m not crawling under my car with a welder in 20-something degree weather.

It’s black. That makes it faster. Says “flowmaster” so you know it’s a master of flow.


There’s no installing this puppy wrong

Nice smooth transition to the different chambers. Looks really well built, weighs an absolute ton.


All installed. Stock tip and everything.

Exterior video. My gopro fell off at about 1:00 into the video. Stupid ebay suction cup mount :( From inside the car the exhaust note does a great job of matching the intake noise in volume and tone. Very mellow. noticeable but not intrusive and there’s no drone. Absolutely awesome that I finally have some noise coming from behind me instead of all of it coming from in front of me. Love this muffler, great addition to my car for $130.

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