As some of you may know, images of the new FIAT 500 leaked the other day. This is the next-gen that is going to be predominantly electric.

I found this article today including video!

I will admit I like the current-gen’s styling better, but I do like the new one. It seems a bit more blobby now though and the massive ‘500' logo on the grill (as they are going to be taking 500 as a separate brand a la Citroen and DS) looks TOO big to me.

I also HATE the fact it has electric door handles....electric door handles are DUMB. If they break, you either can’t open the door or have to resort to an incredibly fiddly manual release. So you know....they could’ve just done a normal mechanical door handle and not had to likely essentially fit two.

That being said, if they sold this here, I would hugely consider it as a DD....after the Honda ‘E’ it is the next new electric car I would consider getting, and that’s not just because it’s a FIAT (though that helps!). Estimates say 300-400km of range on various test cycles, which would be tremendous considering the Honda ‘E’ only has 220km of range!

The issue, as with most electric cars these days, is price. 32,000 Euros. 32,000 EUROS. That is like $47,000 CAD! Now, I know prices don’t directly translate from Europe to here on the same car in terms of conversion, but that is insane for a little semi-luxury city car! I hope they bring it here, but I am never going to be able to afford one if the price doesn’t drop :(

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