New Ford Mustang: The European Launch

So, as some of you may know I was recently lucky enough to be invited onto the European launch of the new Ford Mustang.

It really did feel like a historical moment, it’s the first time the Mustang has been offered as a model in Europe and therefore it’s the first time us Brits can get it with the steering wheel on the other side! It was great to be part of this huge launch, and even better to be able to drive the new Mustang around some of the most beautiful roads in Europe.


Bavaria is quite the setting, and being able to hit the Mustang’s limiter on the Autobahn was pretty bloody cool. 155mph was achieved with another gear to go, I’d love to see what it could do without the limiter!


I’d be delighted if you popped over to Driving Spirit and checked out what I thought of the car. If not for my ramblings, there’s some pretty lovely pictures to look at.

America, this car is fantastic. Thank you Ford for finally getting it over to us.

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