This game came out just a few days ago. I started playing on Tuesday. It’s called FR Legends and it’s pretty cool.


The biggest difference between this and other drift games is the scoring, and a battle mode. Also you have to pay to replace you tires, and fix you car. The Scoring is set up more like Formula D, normally drift scores in games are just based on speed and angle, where as in this game there are target clipping points, and drift zones. Also there is a heads up Battle mode where you do a lead and a follow run. Lead runs a scored just like a solo, but follows are scored on proximity and mimicking. It’s very hard to win a follow run but the final score is a combination of the two so as long as you kill on the lead you can still win the match. The graphics are cartoony which I actually like. The handling is typically of phone games. It kind of does the work for you, Gas gives you more angle but it’s very hard to spin out, brake tightens you line, and the hand brake widens you line. There is not need to counter steer.

Also Hert shared t on IG this morning so that’s cool.

also is any one else annoyed that posts are now filed in order from the time you STARTED writing it instead of when you submitted it. That means that if you take 30 minutes to write a thought out, spell checked post you could end up with your shiny new post half way down the page.

dear kinja overlords, PLEASE STOP “FIXING” things!

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