New FUEL FILTER (and another musing)

I changed the fuel filter on the SAAAAAAAAB today. The old one was gross. Just look at this:


In any event, I also did just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever done with cars (actually maybe THE stupidest thing I’ve ever done) when I forgot to bring have a little gas left out to prime the fuel pump. I thought, that maybe I could prime it by cupping my hands over the fuel filler and blowing into the tank (this works for mopeds, and I have done it before without any issue). This is a very bad thing to do. For reasons I can’t quite understand, blowing into the fuel filler on the SAAB caused an insane amount of gasoline to FLY OUT OF THE FILLER AND ALL OVER THE PLACE the moment I pulled my hands back off the filler neck. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, but uh, this was beyond an equal reaction. I don’t know what happened, but lesson learned. I was lucky nothing went into my eyes or mouth, but my shirt got soaked, and is still outside de-fuming. I then did what I should have done in the first place instead of being stupid and lazy: dug out the vacuum bleeder for the brakes and sucked gasoline through from the other end, and that worked fine.

After that, I decided I need to clean up the garage, which made me notice, once again, the SAAB’s sort of monumental ground clearance.

There’s 7" under the front, and I don’t know, but a lot more than that under the rear. How much more? I decided to grab objects around the garage and see what, in practical terms, a SAAB 95 could run over.


Gallon jugs? No problem. The exhaust pipe under the front would tip them over, but backing over them? You can do that like they’re not even there. Gallon jugs are a formidable driveway and parking lot hazard, so it puts my mind at ease knowing these are no issue for my car. 

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