I have been having some ongoing fuel supply issues with the Honda. The original fuel lines don’t hold up to ethanol too well, but the newer style fuel lines are a bit too stiff for the extreme angles that my petcock requires (that’s what she said). Also, I made a chemistry mistake and wasn’t able to clean up all the chlorides left behind when I de-rusted my tank using HCl (I only used HCl because I had some on hand after de-rusting my driveway), and kept having ruat issue in my carbs.

I decided to replace the lines with some cheap ass polyethelene lines from the local hardware store ($0.39/ft) along with some filters. I heated the lines up a bit to get them to fit, and they compressed back down over the fitting. They compressed back down over the fitting as a cooled, vacuum sealing themselves on. Heating them also allowed me to contour them a bit. I was worried the setup would be too restrictive, but it kept feeding my carbs during a few high speed freeway runs, so I should be gtg. I find it relaxing watching the carbs gulp down fuel.