Yesterday I put in my new Delphi fuel pump and wix filter on my 96 caravan. Hoping that will solve my no fuel symptoms.

I Reconnect everything, add 10 gallons of gas, and turn the key 3 times to prime the pump. I hear the pump prime, start van... start, start some more and no running van :(

I get under the van to make sure pump is working while someone starts engine and it hums / buzzes like it should.

I should invest in a fuel pressure gauge, but I like to live dangerously :D. I checked for any pressure at the fuel test port and I had no gas. So I remove the fuel line to the injector rail and have the fuel pump prime. I see nothing. Start engine and gas comes out the line about 2 inches, mostly just a centimeter. For my educated guess is that is not 49 psi as it should be?

Maybe the Amazon reviews were right, it is a junk fuel pump? Delphi FG0215