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2019 G20 3 series reviews are in

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And it’s looking prettty good. Car&Driver: The 2019 BMW 3-series: Back from the Brink-The new G20-generation 3-series is bigger, more powerful, and once again engaging to drive.


HIGHS Steering feel is back (in Sport mode), strong ride-and-handling balance, class-leading chassis tech.

LOWS“Hey BMW” feature not ready for prime time, ho-hum interior materials and design, intrusive lane-keeping assist, no more manual transmission.


Motortrend: 2019 BMW 330I M SPORT FIRST DRIVE: BAVARIA IS BACK- BMW’s new 3 Series is roomier, quicker, and a sharper performer

Automobile:The 2019 BMW 3 Series Is a Proper 3 Series Again. The old spirit has returned in the seventh-generation G20 model.

FP:The 2019 BMW 3 Series Is Back to Being a Great Driver’s Car Even Without the Manual

Cnet roadshow: I’m very happy to report that the 2019 3 Series is once again on top of its game. A brief test of a 330i prototype earlier this year gave me high hopes, and a recent drive of the final-spec 3er in Portugal truly sealed the deal. It’s not without fault, this new G20-generation 3 Series. But the former hero of the luxury/sport world is back and entirely worthy of your attention.

I am sufficiently conviced, although I shall reserve final judgement until I test drive one. This is now officially in my next car list.


Pricing for the 2019 330i is the same as the 2018 model at $41,245, while the 2020 M340i starts at $54,995, roughly $2500 more than the old 340i equipped with the Track Handling package and summer tires. Adding xDrive to either model ups the tab by $2000. Expect the 2019 330i to be in dealerships in March 2019, with the M340i, a 2020 model, arriving in the summer

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