After 4 years of roughing it with no parking, I bought a garage! I’ll probably have to spend the first week hanging curtains, pictures, and such (since there appears to be a house included in the deal), but then I want to finish the garage to make it a usable shop. I need the Oppo hive mind to answer a few questions:

1. Floor coating. I assumed one of the epoxy kits from hardware stores would be the way to go, but I read about a single-application polyurea that sounds easier.

Any Oppo floor experts out there? Anyone make a huge mistake that I should avoid?

2. Things to do before insulation and dry wall. I’m having a 220 outlet put in, anything else I should do first? I’m planning on slapping in the typical rolled fiberglass insulation and then drywall.

Any other ideas? Things you wish you had or had not done? Tips on convincing my wife that an empty garage must be filled by at least two unfinished project cars at all times?