So it appears my temporary retirement is over; I'll be starting a new gig after the New Year. Thing is, the jerb is in San Clemente and I live in Point Loma. I'm also really gonna miss hanging out with my dog all day and going for long paddles.

Sad face.

I'm considering going by train, which is neat. I'd need to leave on the 6:30a train north and wouldn't be back until 6:45p. That would have me in the office from 8-ish to 5-ish, with flexibility to return later, should the jerb require. The train takes the same amount of time as driving during normal conditions, heavy traffic makes the train faster and I can get work done en route. Economics are nearly even, if you don't include wear and tear on my car. Advantage to the train if you do.

Question is, what is my conveyance to/from the station at each end? Both are roughly 3-mile distances with elevation change sufficient enough to make me question pedal power alone.