So it’s widely known that I love hatchbacks, and don’t really like sedans. And yet I drive a sedan. Well I just recently learned that in the European market my car was sold as a hatchback. Well not my car exactly, not the AWD Turbo Galant.

So someday I want to import a Galant hatch, maybe buy a Eclipse GSX parts car as well, and make a hybrid GVR4 hatch, with a 5 bolt conversion as well.This of coarse is a far off dream. I need to buy and build my dresm Civic first. That’s happening next year. This year is just going to be getting the Galant to a good DD/RallyX level.


There is a chance of coarse that this is impossible because the hatch has fold down seats, which the AWD Galants do not. So the whole rear end might be different similar to the problem MIghty Car Mods is having with thier AWD Mirca.