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New GTA cars

The ramp buggy from that Fast and Furious movie, the ramp truck from that Mythbusters episode, Jeremy Clarkson’s amphibious Toyota Hilux, a Gibbs Quadski, an armored bus thing (dunno what that’s from), the Baja-style flatbed from that Fast and Furious movie where they steal cars off of a train, fuckin KITT, a “Rocket Voltic” which as near as I can tell is a blend of the time traveling DeLorean and a Hennessey Venom GT, the prison van that Top Gear Australia arrived in on the Aus vs Brit episode, and some “normal” cars like a Lamborghini Mercialago, some Ferrari I don’t give a shit about, “classic Annis Elegy”, and some bike that Peter Black is probably nutting over.



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