Hadn’t realized how much the left headlight had hazed over until I compared it to the new one. No wonder that side seemed dim.

After waiting three weeks for Amazon to replace the Ford/Nissan radiator fan/shroud combo they sent me in place of the headlight I ordered, I cancelled the order, got my refund, and found the same part on Rock Auto for $100 less, shipped. So for $50 more than Amazon would have charged me for one headlight, I now have two new headlights.

The new, CAPA-certified units are from DEPO, a Taiwanese company that specializes in OEM-equivalent replacement headlights. The fit is perfect, the quality seems to be on par with the original parts, and they’ve actually made a few improvements.


Anyone who’s changed headlight bulbs on these cars knows what a pain it is to maneuver the bulb retaining spring on the projectors. The DEPO springs actually clear the housing and can be latched/unlatched without tools, making the process significantly easier and faster than the original.

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