I didn’t think I’d take to road biking like this, but I’m hooked. Did my longest, and fastest ride yet today. 20 miles at 17.9mph ave.

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If you grew up liking extreme sports, or sports in general, but your body won’t let you play them I high suggest road biking. I was a BMX kid, then a skate rat, the a Perkour nut. And sometimes I did all three. However my knees won’t let me do any of those sports not for long anyway. Biking offers a lot of the same trills, and the challenge of setting goals for yourself and working hard to achieve them. And it’s a sport you can do with friends, or alone. The entree fee can be steep, but if you spend 4-500 on a used bike you could be set up for less than 800. I got lucky and was given a bike, but I had to invest 150 in parts to get it going again. 

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