Man, I missed this place.

Moved to a new house (an actual house this time, not a singlewide or doublewide), didn't get internet until about an hour ago.

In the days since, though, I did pick up some more diecast cars, and I thought I'd show them to you all.

The first four are from a Walmart (the same one I got my Matchbox Volkswagen Saviero Cross from), and all are 2014 models.

They were on sale for $0.84 each, and apparently they restocked since when I got the VW there, as they were also the first store I've seen the new 8 car 'Mustang 50 Years' set (not to be confused with the 'Mustang 50th' set in the 2014 Mainline) cars, which they had all 8 in stock, but I refuse to buy them unless I've got the money to buy all 8 at once, which I didn't.


- Covelight (Note: It has glow in the dark wheels)

- Custom '64 Galaxie 500 (Been looking for this for a while)


- Lamborghini Aventador J (Finally found this one!)

- Sandbaster (Modified SVT Raptor, I know a few other Oppos have this one. Finally found one that didn't have a damaged package.)


Then, there's this GT500 convertible I picked up at Dollar General:

The last 2 come from a small town drugstore (not a big name one, like CVS or Rite Aid, both of which also sell Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars), and they had a few in stock, none newer than 2012, and as old as the early 90's.


- An Opel Frogster from 2002. Got it for $1.79, can't get one on eBay for less than $5.50. I'd say that's a bargain.


- This one was the REAL gem, though. A 1992 TootsieToy Cadillac Seville, in package, in great shape (both car and package). Got it for $0.99, searched listed in package, package looks to be in slightly rougher shape than mine...$13.25 + $3.15 S&H.

That's a major bargain.

So, yeah. I'm back, and I hope to have more cars to show you all soon. (: