New idea for a racing series

I would love to watch the equivalent of NASCAR except for having real midsize sedans. I think it would be much more interesting and entertaining to see cars that one could theoretically buy do 500 miles on an oval flat out.

Rules would be simple:
-The only things that can be added are safety equipment but any non street legal equipment can be removed (back seats, carpet, etc)

-At least 5,000 models of the competing trim must be sold. No 500 car limited runs

-At least 50,000 models of all trims must be sold. No special made sports sedan with no base underpinnings.

-Can’t run newest model until sales goal hit for that year.

- Must have at least four doors, no coupes.

-Competition trim cannot exceed the MSRP of 2x base trim price. No $100,000 Camrys

-Street legal tires, no slicks

-Must have window sticker and dealer information to show not factory ringer


Three divisions:
Midsize sedans
Midsize sedans (Hybrid)
Compact sedans/hatchbacks

This would rekindle some interest in sedans but more importantly, auto racing.

The first couple of seasons of Midsize would be a hoot because there isn’t any performance versions out yet except maybe Ford but it would need significantly more fuel stops. It would also be interesting to see how many manufacturers can make it through the whole race.


It would be easy to get teams started as the cars in question aren’t terribly expensive nor hard to come by. Team start up would be encouraged.


If it caught on in popularity, manufacturers might start making special competition trim levels but they’d have to meet sales targets. Minimum number of models sold could increase as well to keep it from getting out of control in terms of performance

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