CBS News reports New Jersey is only a day away from passing a law to beef up its Left Lane Law. It turns out the Garden State's legislators are fed-up with drivers who sit in the left lane impeding the natural and safe flow of traffic.

“It puts people in danger, because they never really know what, you know, they’re doing,” said Nate Lofland of Long Branch.

“A lot of people use it as a cruising lane,” added Mark Villani of Shrewsbury. “It backs traffic up, and, you know, it’s an encumbrance to traffic, which is a major problem in the state.”


In 2012, More than 4,200 drivers were ticketed in New Jersey for lingering in the left lane.

On Monday, the State Assembly passed a bill that would increase the fine for violating the state’s stay right law from the current range of between $50 and $200, to between $100 and $300.


In Colorado the Left Lane prohibits drivers from using the left lane for anything but passing if on a highway with speed limits of 65 mph or higher, unless there is heavy traffic. Kansas has a similar law. Clearly any enthusiastic driver has been annoyed many times by a Prius firmly planted in the left lane as their very own Hypermiling Haven.


“Hopefully people will think twice before deciding, ‘I can drive whatever speed I want in whatever lane I want,’” said Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth County.) “No, you can’t, and for good reason. It is a really hazardous practice.”