New Job is Going Well

4 days into mundane new job and it’s going pretty well. If you missed it about 2 weeks ago I got fired, and on Monday’s I got a new job delivering for a local restaurant/pizza place. It a great job for me, and the pay so far has been great, making minimum+tips and the worst if done so far was 10/hour for tips.

Anyway the restaurant has its own delivery vehicles an older Second gen Prius, and the one I’ve been using a slightly newer Prius C. This is an upgrade from the Aveo o thought I’d be driving but not much.


The C is a good car, plan and simple. It’s fine, it does car stuff admirably. It moves forward, it stops, it has a radio...etc. but I HATE it.

Here’s why, 1 it’s the slowest thing I’ve ever driven. My 91 Civic may have been slow, JT this thing is on a whole other level of turtle. The gas pedal is a suggestion at best. 2 its traction control is the devil. It’s over bearing and annoy8ng and I hate it, it actually makes the lack of throttle response even worse because if the road is slightly wet it cuts more of the non existent power. It will freak out, for example the other day I came around a corner and the rear tires hit a bit of snow causing a slight oversteer situation. This was a small patch of snow, the car would have straightened out once the rear wheels found dry pavement. But instead The car slammed on the brakes launching me forward. I’m not an idiot I know how to drive I don’t need this shit!


3 this is the traction control off ritual, yes ritual. Like you are sommonk g the gd of controlling your own damn car.

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Uuuugh. I thought holding a button for 5 seconds was bad.

Oh number 4 it doesn’t have cruise control. Obviously it’s an option but on something as technology ridden as this car it should be standard.  

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