Today I was offered a new job, which is good. I’m currently a school bus driver and its July, which means I’m unemployed. The new job is driving one of these bad Larrys:

A 10-wheel lumber truck with a Moffett forklift. The hourly rate is actually slightly lower (but still comparable) than driving a bus, but a) there’s a lot more hours, plus OT and b) its full time with benefits, which bus driving is not, and my wife is looking to leave her job after our second son is born in November.


Which brings me to the low-grade scumbaggery, which I just see as being smart. See, I’m technically laid off by the bus company through the summer...they offer a guaranteed 20 or so hours a week if you want it, but I’m on unemployment and the money is the same whether I work 20 hours or 0, so I’ve been doing zero. Now I’m not due back there until August, which means I can go work for the lumber company for a few weeks to make sure its going to work out and then let the bus company know I’m not coming back when the school year starts in a month or so.

I don’t particularly love doing that, I like letting companies know what I’m doing, but I see no harm or foul here. They’re not using me, and I could potentially still go back there if something dumb happened with the lumber why would I give my notice before I need to?

The plan right now is to start at the lumber company on Tuesday. Monday I’m helping my grandmother out, which was planned about a month ago, and also my wife has an ultrasound that day. Lumber company was fine with that, so thats cool. Basically, the lumber company has more upside, and being trained and licensed to drive a forklift will be good on my resume.

And it’ll be good to be back to making a legitimate amount of money again.

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