New job! Yay me.

Got a new job, folks. Same company, but a different department at a different location. A $2.80 per hour raise...equaling about an extra 5 grand per year. And, less people too. Less people means less drama. A smaller parking lot (less door dings) is another bonus. Yay.

One of these might be in my future a teeny tiny bit sooner than I thought? I’m hoping within the next 1-2 years...


<3 be still my heart

At this point, I’ll even settle for a Sport (i.e. “Base”) model. They’re decently equipped. Got Bluetooth and a backup camera, at least.

TL;DR: I have a new job with the same company and it pays more so hopefully I can get a Mazda6 someday and stop pining for them like a weirdo.


Also, my weird deep fear of change is already setting in. I have issues with change. Even if it is good change. It throws me for a loop and causes my GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) to rage. So, I’m battling that but trying to stay positive. The new job seems like a good thing. I know two people that have worked in that department for a year and they still love it. But that doesn’t stop my anxiousness of course. Ugh. Keep me in your thoughts, Oppo.

I start the new job Monday, October 5th.

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