New Kinja Extension for Chrome (EDIT: and Firefox!) Users

I’ve been test-driving “Kinjamprove” for the past couple of weeks, and holy cow, is it fantastic.

By now, you’ve already noticed The A.V. Club’s arrival to Kinja. To help ease this transition for their old Disqus commenters, they recommended the use of this extension and included a link to it in their introductory post.


Kinjamprove provides a one-click solution to the “show more comments” bar and its accompanying “haze”, “Pending” buttons, and “show more replies in this thread” buttons.

In addition to quickly loading comments and expanding threads, it also nests comments so that it’s easier to follow conversation flow. (I know that sometimes in long conversation threads, I’ve resorted to quoting comments so that readers will know not only to whom I’m replying, but to which comment I’m responding.)

This extension doesn’t automatically load ALL comments, though. You still have to click the “load more comments” bar to reveal a few more threads, and you still have to click it several times if there are a lot of comments. So it’s not really a full replacement for Kinja’s old “show all” option.


If you use Chrome [edit: or Firefox] to browse Kinja, I highly recommend trying out Kinjamprove. Shoutout to creator Mark_Bowen (hey maybe he should join the Kinja team...).


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