So I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the 2006 Land Cruiser I’ve been looking at. After he had the timing belt, serpentine drive belt and water pump replaced because I just mentioned it, I knew he actually cared about it. It has a few little scrapes and stuff here and there, but for a 12 year old LC, it’s perfect, and it won’t make me feel bad if I add a few more.

Heater Ts will be replaced ASAP, and it looks like most of the maintenance items people mentioned to look out for have been done. Will be flushing trans fluid and diff fluids myself here soon just in case. Rides really well an my daughter loves it. Tires are still new enough to have the rubber nubs sticking off as well.

Will be looking at getting some rock sliders with steps, and possibly an ARB Deluxe bar. It has the adjustable height control, so not sure if I am going to lift it yet, maybe once that system has an issue. I’ll have to take some more photos of it later.

Here is the CL ad for those interested.