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New Lid

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I’m scheduled to ride downhill with a bunch of pals next Friday at Blue Mountain. I’ve been heavy into mountain biking for the past two seasons but have never been to a downhill spot. Really looking forward to riding a lift up!


I’m renting the rest of the safety gear but I decided to spring for my own full face helmet. I did this for 3 reasons (all of them pretty silly).

1. That strong wuhan rona/general hygiene...I’m not trying to stick my face all up in some groaty rental helmet. Def not one that covers your face.


2. I’m thinking I will like down hill and thus use it often enough to justify the cost.

3. Because I didn’t buy that car the other day there was a hint of

I did about 1 hour of research before deciding on the Troy Lee Designs Stage w/ Mips. Protection, ventilation, and looks were my deciding factors. Bonus! If you have a small head most helmets are a lot cheaper! I do, and rang up that helmet for $240. That’s good because I had to rush ship it to get it before we go...

Any of yall been to a downhill spot before? What things on my bike am I most likely to break?



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