It can’t be that difficult to throw an LS under the hood and tuck some coilovers and 315’s under the fender flares, right? On a related note, why does it seem like there’s not really a modding community for early ‘Vettes?

They seem (to a rather untrained eye such as mine) to be perfect candidates for some modding: there’s a pretty active fanbase around the car, they’re not jaw-droppingly valuable so you don’t feel terrible for chopping one up and decent examples are relatively cheap, parts are plentiful because the General still produces spares, and they’re damn gorgeous (I will fight you if you don’t agree on that, at least). A few people have built up some C3’s but not nearly as many as I would’ve thought. They turned out pretty nice, too:


Moral of the story is that sidepipes are best pipes.