I vowed to make no cosmetic improvements until the mechanical and electrical upgrades were done, but this one made itself unavoidable. I upgraded/replaced my tail lights.

$60 for a set of DOT approved non-OEM replacement tail light housings from Ebay. Had I just had a bare shell and put in this housing I would have been disatisfied with the fitment, just a little wonky and uneven, but compared directly to the OEM lights, they were actually a better fit :D


this side had been ok...

...but this side was cracked, and that hole was letting in moisture and I was burning out bulbs on a weekly basis.


how things should have looked (pardon the Colorado perpetual dry skin)


how things actually were :S


so, since I needed new bulbs for the majority of positions, I upgraded to LED. Added bonus, now my lights are visible in daylight, a feature that either 25 years ago design failed to see as necessary, or 25 years of age had made impossible. Either way, the stock options were “candles in jam jars” as the saying goes.

All in, ~$60 for the housings, $35 for LED bulbs. Worth it. 

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