Decided it was time for a new look/feel for my old XJ750. Inspired by OPPO’s own Skychismo I sanded my tank down to bare metal, threw on a couple of cheap graphics in a non symmetrical fashion, and finished it off with a couple coats of satin clear. Then this last week I found a set of ProTapers I had laying around, bought a couple of adapters, and bolted them on.

Compared to the low clip-ons I had before it’s like riding a completely different bike. This thing is such a fun little hot rod now and is an absolute blast riding around both city streets and back country roads. I’m super happy with both the way the bike looks, and feels.


This bike has changed nearly every year since I’ve bought it and started out as a completely stock bike. I’m on at least the 4th set of bars, 3rd paint job, and 3rd body job (had custom side panels before), the 2nd or 3rd wiring job (complete custom harness from scratch now), plus the frame chop with custom seat, and the open exhaust/pod filter combo. I cant find all of my pictures from the first iterations, but here’s a few from the last.

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