Planned to go look at an xB for my partner this weekend. It was being sold by a car lot about 45min away in need of some work but very cheap.

She called about seeing it Saturday and they said they’d be there from 9-5pm, so she said she’d be there right at 9am.

Sat comes and we are slightly delayed by snow the night before, getting to the lot at 9:20am. The place is locked up and none of the cars are cleared off, also no xB in the lot. We figure the guy is also running late, and think maybe he took the xB home to be sure it was dug out for us to look at it this morning. Text him and he tells us he won’t be in until “after 10am”, when she asks about the xB he says it is “at another site” and won’t be available to look at today.

She then sends him a text asking why he agreed to meet us at 9am to show us a car when neither he nor the car are here. His response? “Well there are other car there.”


Really asshole? You’re going to make us wait at least 40 minutes for the chance to look at a bunch of cars that are specifically *not* the one we want to see? Fuck that guy, there is no way we’d but the car from him now, no matter how good a deal it might be.

The best part is that if he had been there with the xB and it wasn’t what we wanted we probably would have been willing to look at other things he had, but he slammed that door shut pretty effectively with his crappy attitude.