New Luxury Challengers: Alfa Romeo, DS, Genesis, and More

Three new luxury brands are on their way to North America with the hopes of taking market share away from the German Trio. They are a returning Italian brand, a semi-returning French brand, and an all new Korean brand. Pretend it is 2025, which brand is fairing the best, which one are you about to own, and which one is still struggling to find momentum?

Alfa Romeo, your Italian option. Hitting the Germans with distinct styling, performance, and driven by “passion.”


DS, your French option. Hitting the Germans with vehicles that are different, distinct, and looking towards the future of design and interaction.

Genesis, the Korean option. Attempting to simplify technology and design while offering up new perspectives on the “old” definitions of luxury.


So again, it’s 2025, who is succeeding, who are you buying, and who is just not finding traction in the market? Maybe everyone is doing well, maybe you wouldnt touch any of these brands even if Sergio promised to stop sending you emails. Perhaps the last decade has proven the US has plenty of brands and doesn’t want anymore. Did anyone even ask for more brand options serving the same type of cars at the same price points that we already have?! We can’t even keep up with what new bodystyle BMW is releasing for the 3-series, or what the hell an AMG “43" is when it doesn’t even use an AMG engine!

Well in any case, all these brands already have two or three cars made. With that said, we also have an American option as well now...


Or perhaps the doors are now wide open for a new challenger from the East offering us the low prices for high-tech we keep demanding?


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