New mods to my car soon, and a request for help! (Repost for the afternoon crowd!)

(Repost for the afternoon crowd!)

Hi all! Mods to Humdrum are in my future! :)

I was browsing around online and came across a very cheap, brand new front bumper grill insert for the factory fog lamps for my car on Ebay...this led to me looking at sets of factory fog lamps....


On most cars, the same front bumper is used on all models and fog lights mount to it by simply popping out covers on the fog light ‘slots’. On the MC (2006-2011) generation Hyundai Accents, the bumper / fog light design is different. On non-fog light models, you would have the same BUMPER as fog light models, but the entire insert in the bumper is where the lights mount and the INSERTS are different. Non fog light models got this grill insert with the covers for fog light holes molded right into the insert:

Fog light models had a different molded (but similar) insert with the fog light holes uncovered:


I managed to find a set for relatively cheap that included a wiring harness with it and a factory switch as well, so I decided to do the deed and ordered the fog lamp kit and the grill insert to mount them!

Long story short, all that is needed has now arrived and I am ready to get them installed in my car on the next nice day (it’s raining the next few days). Now, I’m not a newbie at how electrics work, but it’s still a bit of a black art to me. Here is the wiring diagram that came with the kit, which is straightforward enough - the wiring harness it came with seems nicely done:


Now, first off, Accents of this generation are odd because they have a negative ground. I’m guessing the power and ground I see on the relay wire are the actual power to the bulbs from when the relay is activated? And the power and ground on the switch wiring is the power to light up the switch but also activate the relay? Power and ground for the fog light side of the harness should be easy - hopefully I can just attach those both to the battery, or at least the power....I am sure there are some bolts I can attach the ground to on the body somewhere in the engine bay!


Considering the location of the switch on the dash, a ground for it should be easy as there are bolts RIGHT behind it I can just undo and attach the switch ground to that will ground to the dash structure which is attached straight to the body - easy peasy:


I think I am going to grab ignition-on power from the 12v socket in the dash so that when I take the key out, the lights go out. My question is - the wiring harness for the fogs has a built-in fuse, but if I am pulling power from the 12v socket circuit, am I going to have to upgrade the fuse in THAT circuit to deal with the additional load or anything?

Looking forward to this one as I miss having fogs in bad weather - I used to have them on my Impreza. Cheers and thanks! :D

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