New mommy mobile

No pics because I haven’t seen it in person. My mom traded in the stereotypical mommy mobile (early 2000s Lexus RX). Close to 200k on the odometer and starting to need a few fixes, nothing major, just little things. I thought the transmission might have been slipping a little.

Step dad and I convinced her to start looking around to see what she likes and then did a spur of the moment purchase yesterday.


She started with Lexus again but didn’t really want to because she got caught off guard a few times with fixes that were more expensive than she expected.

Next went to Kia Niro but they didn’t come in colors she liked but that led to the Hyundai Kona. She test drove that and loved it. She almost bought it but she was waiting to finalize the sale of her car and then the dealership ghosted her. Her car sale fell through anyway.


Then, back to Lexus. She was dismayed because she couldn’t find a color she liked and ones she was ok with were too expensive for what they were.

Friday night she texts me asking about the CHR. By Sunday she was test driving them. Then she found a bright blue RAV4 on the lot she liked a lot. It was out of her price range. They knocked enough off the price to get to what she was looking for. They gave her way more for trade in than I expected given the age, condition, and mileage for the Lexus and walked away happy with a 2019 RAV4.


It’s the second new vehicle she’s ever had. She had the Lexus for 14 years. She’s thrilled with all the safety features. I’m quite happy for her. 

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