Two new Dell U2415s arrived today. They look pretty sharp (even Ultrasharp?). I do wish there was more out there in terms of 16:10 4k screens though (these are 1920x1200).

This means I can now browse Oppo and everything fits on my portrait screens (my old 1680x1050 screens didn’t quite fit it unless I zoomed out).


They do point out how bad the backlight on the 30"er is these days, but I’ve got a little something coming tomorrow to deal with that (for definitions of little that include 43", and no I’m not sure it will actually fit on my desk or under my ceiling)

In any event, so far so good (and so many USB ports, each of these guys has a 5 port USB hub).

Update: The 43"er is unusable. It has some appalling dithering thing going going on. Look at this crap:

I don’t mean Edge, though it is sort of crap as well

That’s a little zoomed in, but not far from real size. Whatever is going on there might be acceptable on a high-DPI display, but at 43", it’s painfully apparent on any image or solid colors other than white (text looked ok). I had to stand like 12' away to not have things look weird, which is clearly not ok for something sold as a monitor (even a gaming monitor) This is seriously the worst looking screen I’ve seen since 2000. In any event, it’s boxed up and going back. Now I’ve got to figure out what to do about my middle screen, I worry that other 43"ers will have more or less the same panels and the same dithering, but I’ll guess I’ll read some reviews. Worst case I can buy Dell’s current 2560x1600 30"er, but I’d rather have screens that were better matches size wise.

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