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Revocation of driving license for life.

The new rules introduce the revocation of the driving license for life, for manslaughter by fault of the driver and in case of presence of at least one dead and one seriously injured, as well as in cases where the driver should have an alcohol rate concentration equal to or greater than 1.5 g/l, or was driving under the influence of drugs.


Crime of road murder.

A new offense of road murder could be introduced for the cases of deaths caused by drunk drivers, or under the influence of drugs. This would be voluntary and not involuntary manslaughter, as it's considered the knowledge of the possible risks by the killer driver.


Limit of 30 km/h in urban areas.

Under study the possibility of introducing a limit of 30km/h (20mph) in the the center of the cities and in the areas close to schools and hospitals, a project that was already experienced for years in several EU countries.


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