check it out! Or not. Its up to you. I’m pretty proud of this one. I finally got the quality issues figured out (ghosting), and a pretty decent progression of events and storyline to boot. Also, my friend nearly lost it all on the trolley tracks cause he rode parallel to them.

a few days later. I had my first fall on a motorcycle! Not documented on camera unfortunately, I lowsided on the drz in and empty parking garage. Completely my fault. I was having too much fun... This is the damage report: Clutch lever.


I took the spill at about 20mph. Had my good leather jacket on, good leather gauntlets, fox titan pro, and the cortech latigo boots, and jeans..... yes jeans... Its a long way down to the ground on a dual sport i found out. No injuries to speak of aside from a bruised thigh. The gear did its job, and did it well which is why i tell you this.

Some of you will argue the shin guards wont do crap. I dont expect them to stay on for a 100ft slide. But the initial impact is what i want to help mitigate. And it did just that, and my knee is fine. A pair of kevlar jeans or likewise would be smart compounding protection item to aid you in a slide event.

In the end, a relatively low speed mis hap. But if i werent wearing gear, i know for a fact id be in a bit more pain this week. Also, +1 for the drz taking a good fall and riding on into the night!


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