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new mudflaps who dis

Spotted this in town this morning (I was stopped at the time).

Couldn’t have been on there very long, as they were dragging by a couple inches at a stop. I think this is the look he was going for:


In any case, it looked like a “barn find” kind of truck. Pretty straight body, paint that looked quite old but no visible rust. New tires. New (sounding) exhaust. Neat old truck, but will soon be ruined by the high schooler at the wheel.


10/10 driver was wearing a trucker hat, Carhartt pants, a hoodie, and off-brand Timberland boots, untied. Then I’m sure he parked in the infamous “4th lot” (farthest from the school entrance, and the watchful eyes of the Principal) where all the wanna-be rednecks park their trucks in snowbanks, then hang around revving their engines and pulling each other out of the snowbanks, smoking cigarettes vaping after school during class and fighting each other talking shit.

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