Until today, I really only had my work computer to use for everyday things that you might not want to do on a phone or small tablet. I have my kitchenputer which is awesome, but bolted to a wall in the kitchen... so yeah. My experience with the kitchenputer being a chromebox got me thinking, I should buy a cheap chromebook just to have a laptop around, when I don’t have (or want to use) my work laptop.

bonus doggo

I did my homework, though, read a ton of reviews, and decided not to totally cheap out; I ended up with an Asus Chromebook Flip C302. It has a beautiful screen that can go up to 2400 x 1350, but looks great at 1920x1080 or lower, too. It has a nice keyboard, which is kind of the whole point of a chromebook over a tablet, no? And because I most often use this in my dimly lit living room at night, I LOVE that the keyboard is backlit!

It’s nice that it flips around so you can use it as a tablet, too. I don’t know how often I’ll do that, but it’s cool. And one thing that used to be really limiting about these devices was the Chrome OS, which was little more than a browser; they now support Android apps, which opens a huge door for me. I’m psyched to try out some of that functionality, but for now, I’m enjoying typing this out on a nice keyboard while holding a device that’s currently charging yet not burning my legs, and weighs a little over 1 kilogram.


If you’re in the market for a small laptop/tablet, I’d highly recommend a look at this one. I found a deal on the model with the faster m5 processor, so I expect it will be fast, too. I haven’t taxed it yet, but Chrome devices are fast to start up anyway. Barely two whole minutes passed between opening the box and having a browser open. My work computer with Win7 takes that long just to start up from being shut off completely.


The keyboard is great, the touchpad is excellent, and I’ve only had this out of the box for 10 minutes.

I’m excited for this. Lots of Oppo will be had on it, I’m sure of that.