I'm bored so I've decided to make a game out of something that has bothered me for a while. When shopping for whatever car happens to float your fancy for the moment and you either can't find or can't hypothetically afford the one you really want, the coupe with the manual transmission, what do you settle for? The automatic or the convertible?

I'm going to call this game The Purist's Dilemma.

Today's round: E30 edition

In this corner we have a 1987 BMW 325ic in everyone's favorite non-color of the week white. This one has a manual but lacks the rigidity of a coupe or a sedan. You can find it here for $8,000.


In the other corner we have a 1988 325i sedan with an automatic transmission. What it lacks in pedals it makes up in stiffness. This one can be found here for a more reasonable $2,500