Well Oppo, I’m finally getting around to posting a couple pictures of the roadster I just acquired. It’s a 1970 with a 4 speed. It came from the St. Louis area, was previously a Kansas car and I think I’m the third owner. It’s been sitting for 21 years in a garage. I’ve got a lot of hoses to replace and electrical to hook back up. I also need to rod out the radiator, clean the fuel tank and carbs. Should be entertaining when I hopefully get it started. So many things are unhooked it’s like a mystery novel of where they go. Thank goodness for the people over at 311s.org.

The interior is dirty but in decent shape. Needs carpet and eventually new seat covers and rear deck trim.

I’m removing the air pump and ordering a new EI distributor.


On it’s way to me.

51k miles and so far only one small hole on the passenger rear fender.

Fingers crossed I can figure this out.

I’ve officially lost my mind as I now own two Datsun cars.