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New P71 Owner

Well I bought one. Its a 2010 with 99k on it. It’s been out of police service since 2016. Formerly was a Florence, Ky PD Unit 2104. Its got 4400 idle hours.

It’s currently 100 miles shy of the big 100k. It’s sitting in my driveway, scaring all the neighbors. Its white. Its got a cylinder misfire but I took a mechanic friend whose well versed in CVPI’s and he said it’s fine.

I bought it for 1500 bucks with a bunch of misc parts. Full service records from police, to its first civy owner, to the guy I bought it from. Making me the 3rd (or 4th) owner depending on how you look at it.

My car has unknown rear gears. The guy I bought it from claims the previous to him owner swapped them. Since I don’t know any of that guys info(unless its in the paperwork I got) I can’t verify.

It’s got a Setina push bar, some center console from its police life. But I’ve got a bunch of receipts and paperwork from the guy I bought it off of showing all the fluids have been swapped out in the last 10-15k miles(oil on the 3k service interval). A 2 month old trans rebuild.

Planning on cleaning it up, addressing the misfire issue it has now. From there, who knows, but I am looking at ADTR.net for ideas. I really don’t plan on sinking a bunch of money into it. Have my fun, maybe keep it, maybe sell it. I’ve got a nice new pickup truck for towing and 2018 creature comforts.

2 pics from the for sale ad. It’s raining here and I didn’t get any before it started raining. That case in the passenger seat is a spark plug fix kit, not a gun case.


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