New parts time for my 2009 Hyundai Accent! Well, I already have a replacement Drivers’ Side Headlight for my car as of a month ago that I haven’t installed yet while waiting for the weather to warm up (my old light has a crack and is leaking water in a bit).

HOWEVER, my latest sweet sweet KDM F***in tight yo upgrade has arrived! :D

Replacement KDM, brand new Drivers’ side sunvisor all the way from South Korea because my old visor wouldn’t stay down in the angle I would need it to block sun, so every time the sun was in front of me, I was driving blind. Ran me about $35 Canadian which isn’t bad.

Why not get a cheaper one locally, you ask? Well, the dealership wanted an insane price for one, the few local junkyards (weirdly) wouldn’t return any of my emails or calls or wanted the same price I could pay to get this one new, and the only ‘local’ pick and pull yard is an hour and a half away, so I just bit the bullet and bought a new one online.

It is amusing, now that it is installed, to look up and see Korean writing above my head, haha. This new one works perfectly...other than the clip side rattling a bit over bumps on rare occasions. I’d rather be able to see and not rear-end or hit someone or something and have to deal with a little rattle though than drive blind into the sun!



As an amusing anecdote, Korean-market parts are better quality than ours in North America in some ways, for example...on my OEM Canadian visor, the screws are visible (it’s designed that way!), but on the Korean visor, the screws are hidden under a little snap-on cover - neat little detail!