Replaced the starter and deleted the A/C compressor which was still hanging out on the car despite the A/C long having been deleted on this car. When it was caught out in the street during a flood the compressor got filled with water and started making the most awful noise in the universe. A $7 belt from Rockauto and a $70 starter from Rockauto and we’re good to go.

Two bolts and a lot of straining with a breaker bar eventually got the starter out, and the positive terminal snapped off with mere inch-pounds of force to undo the nut holding the terminal on. No problem, I didn’t need it anyways. Shove the new starter in place and plug it in and slam those bolts back home with a rachet and all is well. More breaker-bar action to remove the four massive bolts holding the A/C compressor on, loosen the alternator bracket, loosen the pivot bolts, and take off the old belt, pop the new belt on and tension it back (longest run should deflect 1/2 inch) and it’s good to go!


Also I ziptied the bumper back in place. Whoooooooo.