Blackbird Fabworx rollbar in pearl gunmetal grey, well designed seat rails from Garage Star, an oil drain valve (it was cheap enough to qualify for an impulse buy) and.... New soft top! Pics and info after the jump.


Assuming the switch is robust and won’t get bumped when I’m a hundred miles away from civilization draining all my oil and leaving me stranded, this could be pretty neat. I’m sure that won’t happen.

My current setup was the side mount brackets included with the Brides (heavy duty but lacking in adjustability) bolted onto the stock sliders. Far from ideal, and it actually had me sitting HIGHER than stock. These will allow me to get my seat 3 inches below stock, and most importantly they bolt directly to the floor so I don’t need to do separate seat and floor mounts. I’m not ready to get custom brackets welded in as I’ll be changing seats eventually when these get too tight.


I saw this picture and something looked a bit off... Oh! Stock belts with a racing seat. Now they at least don’t have the belt going over the seat bolstering but still... I would imagine this isn’t the safest? Oh well, onto the rollbar.

Look at that beefy bar. Unfortunately being stuck with a red car, a yellow paint job was out of the question.

NB GT3 Rollbar was $1115.00 shipped. It’s a lot when some of the competing manufacturers charge half that, but spend some time looking at anything Moti—Blackbird Fabworx owner—has designed and you’ll see why his name is synonymous with quality. Also worth noting, the bar comes with the harness bar and backing plates that most places would charge another $200 for.

Once I have the bar and seat brackets I’ll finally be able to finish with the seating setup. Schroth 6-point harnesses with cheap, heavily bolstered and incredibly light bride racing seats. Nothing like an impending roadtrip to make you get your car projects moving along.

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