My old Samsung phone (Galaxy J3) has finally officially called it quits after just passing the two year mark of ownership. This morning it will not charge, will not turn on, and is completely dead. Over the past couple of weeks I have been battling a battery that shuts off at 50%, the headphone jack that has been broken for over a year, and the microphone that works about 25% of the time when not in speakerphone. I was willing to deal with the issues because I like a device with some character (just like cars). But really I was just being a cheapskate and aside from the issues, the slow turd of a phone worked better than any other phone I have ever owned. While that really means I have owned some truly terrible phones, this one just worked the best all the way to the end. Usually I have been plagued by screens that become nonresponsive, software that just bloats into glitch hell, or more serious processor/ram failures. I am not gonna lie, I am abusive with phones. I just throw them around, take no more care of them than I would a set of track tires on the Miata, and always try to use them beyond their limits with custom roms and rooted apps.

Anyways, I am super glad that a couple days ago I decided that I needed a new phone finally and after a fervent nighttime google search, I came across the LG G6. My NUMBER ONE requirement was an SD slot. After that my only requirements were a price well below $200 and something that would be an improvement on my current phone. I started out looking at bargain basement phones (per usual) but then I came up with the idea that why dont I look at “high end” phones from a couple years back? Naturally I started at the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 but eventually thought the prices were still to high and stumbled across the LG as an “underrated Samsung competitor”. I for a time contemplated throwing out my need for an SD card and just going with a Pixel 3a but the higher price and no SD card were just too much for me.


Now that my old phone is entirely dead, I will be downloading google maps local maps and some music onto my Nexus 7 and deal with only having connection at my hotel for a couple of days. I ordered my G6 from Ebay as an “open box” for $94 and it arrives on Tuesday. So 4 whole days with no phone, lets see how that goes! I have my number on google voice and I dont have service at work anyways so I wont miss much with lugging around the tablet.


Also this of course:

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